Primary digital

  • Project:Poptropica English

  • Market:Global

  • Audience:Primary students

  • Timeframe:12 months

  • Case Study:Digital

Primary ELT student

The Challenge

To conceptualise digital activities for a best-selling global ELT series. To develop and build 1000s of interactive lessons for three variations of the series.

Why we were chosen

  • Expertise in creating new digital content workflows for efficient delivery
  • Knowledge and experience in designing digital activities optimised for primary-level students
  • Track record in creating engaging and interactive digital content
  • Proven ability to deliver content integrated with a range of design, digital and media assets

Benefits & Results

Working in the authoring tool Avallain, we created a set of interactive vocabulary, grammar and 4-skill activities related to, and built off, the Poptropica print materials. We created a workflow to deliver the content with Pearson, using spreadsheet MSs, fixed activity templates and specifications, and a media asset coding system.

Our team devised and built digital lessons for 15 levels of the Poptropica program covering the AmE, BrE and Spanish versions. Activities included video, audio, image, illustration and text assets. We delivered on time and to budget, and enabled Pearson to deliver their market-leading digital content to primary students across the globe.

“We really felt that the activities were thoughtfully designed, and there were some creative and varied activity types, so thank you very much to the team for their hard work!”

— Content Development Manager, Pearson

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