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Digital Content

We develop interactive content for digital learning products and LMSs, and are experienced and skilled at using authoring tools like Avallain and Unity.

Case study:
Fusion & Solutions by OUP – we developed the digital practice for these two global secondary courses in Avallain.

Digital Books

We transform print content into dynamic digital books – through ePUB conversions or via CAPE authoring – and for stand-alone delivery or through platforms such as Blink.

Case study:
Global by Macmillan Education – we created six levels of eBooks for a version of this landmark course for Latin America.


We create compelling app content for all age groups and disciplines using our Agile development process.

Case study:
Start Up by Pearson – we created engaging practice content for Start Up’s practice app.

Media Assets

We create, edit, format, curate and deliver all forms of media assets for all kinds of digital learning products.

Case study:
Multimedia Courses by Eton X – we managed the video and audio production for four digital soft skills courses.


We create multimedia KG materials for young learners of English complete with engaging activities, illustrations, animations and songs.

Case study:
SEED by Bahçeşehir Koleji – we developed this eight-book KG course from scratch, including audio and songs, for students in Turkey.


We develop complete multi-level primary programs – from syllabus creation through MS development, design, commissioning media assets, to print-ready files.

Case study:
Macmillan steps into English by Macmillan Education – we adapted all print and digital components of this major six-level course for learners in Spain.


We create the best in authentic content for secondary students – fully aligned to local curriculum standards and exams.

Case study:
Reading and Vocabulary Development (4/e) by National Geographic Learning – we redeveloped this three-level program for learners in Asia, including the Student Book, Audio, Teacher’s Manual, Test Bank and PowerPoint Teaching Aid.

Adult learners

We work on programs for adult learners, ensuring success in international exams such as IELTS, TOEFL and the PTE.

Case study:
University Success by Pearson – we undertook a cultural adaption of this major academic preparation course for English learners in the Gulf.

Social Studies

Our subject matter experts are able to create the best in original or locally adapted social studies curriculum content.

Case study:
my World by Pearson – adapted this best‐selling American social studies course for markets in the Gulf states.

Languages & Translations

We provide compelling content for learners of languages such as Spanish and Chinese, and can also provide expert translations of any learning content.

Case study:
Explore (intro) by National Geographic Learning – we handled pagemaking and proofreading, and provided the Chinese translation of this book adapted for a chain of learning centres in China.

Assessment / Training

We create the best in print and digital assessment for local, national and international exams in all subject areas, with a specialism in ELT/ESL.

We deliver formative and summative assessment programs, teacher’s guides and teacher training material in all subject areas.

Case studies:
Explore our world by National Geographic Learning – we created A1 Assessment Papers and audio following Vietnam’s MOET guidelines.

Digital YLE tests by Richmond – we digitized YLE practice tests, by mapping tasks to Avallain activity types and building into the platform.


FUTURE 2e by FUTURE – we developed assessment material in multiple formats for five levels of this best-selling American adult-ESL series, which prepares students for exams like CASAS and BEST Plus.

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