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English for specific purposes

  • Project:English for Medicine; English for Science

  • Market:Gulf countries

  • Audience:College students

  • Timeframe:6 months

  • Case Study:Print

Middle Eastern ESP students

The Challenge

To create, from scratch and in six months, an English for Specific Purposes (ESP) series focused on medicine and science for the Gulf college market.

Why we were chosen

  • Proven experience in conceptualising and developing new English courses
  • Knowledge and experience in creating ESP content for college-age students
  • Expertise in creating culturally appropriate and sensitive content for the region
  • Capability and capacity to provide an end-to-end solution for the client
ESP textbook publishing services

Benefits & Results

Based on intensive research of the sector and the competition, we created several iterations of the ESP course concept for review and approval, and designed a detailed scope & sequence.

Then working with a team of local and global educational experts, we wrote, developed and delivered the four-book series in six months, ensuring that the content was culturally appropriate for Middle Eastern markets, matched the science and medicine curriculum in the region, and contained the highest standard of ESP content.

Alongside the Student Books, our team also created and delivered Workbooks and detailed Teacher’s Books to complete the series. All print materials and audio were delivered on time and to the tight budget. The client was able to use this original and exciting product to enter new markets in the region.

“The books are looking really sharp and the sales team are all over them!”

— Head of Product Development, Pearson Dubai

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